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Kanye West is one of the most consistent, prolific, and creative rappers in the game. His success is well-earned which isn't common in modern music but that inhibits his tolerance for un-earned hype. Coming off of Yeezus and his ravings about voluntary slavery, this album could seem more like a gimmick than a heartfelt effort but knowing Kanye's discography, his bold spirituality is not new despite his wild lyrics. This album is gospel but as you would probably assume, it's much better in every context than most gospel rap albums. Kanye is talented, relatable, non-judgmental, and bravely honest. The beginning of the album is stronger than the latter tracks, but compared to the recent albums being released in hip hop, it is arguably the best.
Defining Track
"Follow God" is a reminder of how good of a rapper he is. It's playful and struggles to be kept clean, but it feels like one of his earlier songs despite a progressive flow pattern.
Final Thoughts
Jesus is King is refreshing. Artistry is rare, honesty is rare, consistency is rare, and Kanye really is the last of a dying breed of talented og's. Good job Kanye.

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