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Post Malone is a singer-rapper from Grapevine, Texas. His style is melodic medium-paced hip hop with a hood dialect. As far as subject matter, this album is about pain and grandeur. Nearly all of his songs are catchy and memorable, yet they're pretty consistent in quality. His melodies evoke emotion, and they're non-predictable. There are a lot of strong rap collaborations, which he doesn't need to be authentically hood but they're there if you need it.
Defining Track
"Take What You Need" is a song about being used. It's well put together and the hip hop sampling in a sung song is fairly new. Post Malone has a believable delivery, but he isn't really pushing himself on this one. It's laid back and well executed.
Final Thoughts
All three Post Malone albums are at the same level of quality. He's consistently good, but a little non-eventful. If he had some interesting or comedic punchlines or referenced some current slang he could make a more exciting album. He's always good, but if you heard his other albums, you've basically heard this one.

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