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Earl Sweatshirt - Feet Of Clay (R.I. Review)

Earl Sweatshirt rose to fame as the infamous secret weapon from the rap collective, Odd Future. Feet Of Clay is different. The production is nearly drum-less and he ignores the tempo often. Even though it's an acquired taste musically, it's original, spoken-word inspired, and most importantly, it doesn't feel like hip hop. The instrumentals are some of the most abstract I've ever heard a rap on. It's much better than "Some Rap Songs" but it couldn't hold a candle to "Earl". "No regards for the bullsh*t". Earl has a very mature take on a lot of current events. This is the most cultured and sophisticated hip hop album released with it's prominence.
Defining Track
EAST is as political as the name implies. He questions everything in his life with an awareness higher than every genre's norm. It's hookless but is short enough to not leave you searching for one. It's a good song but would be far from anyone's favorite Earl song.
Final Thoughts
Earl pioneered a level of clout that lingers over this release. His vision of the world is much deeper than most and this is his most sophisticated release.

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