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Tyler Okonma is from Ladera Heights, California. Igor feels like the continuation of 'SFFB". It has very little rap. In fact, it's so barely hip hop culture influenced, I can't see any of the hood even listening to it seriously. The issue is, I doubt Tyler, the Creator would even classify himself as a "singer". The best part of the music is the incredible production which is light years ahead of other rap albums in sophistication; however, it's so prominent and interesting, it outshines all the vocals and lyrics. It assimilates with indie bands that have no intention on making it and is the hip hop equivalent of that culture clamoring for high class instrumentation and abstraction. Kanye, Playboi, and Pharell have very muted verses. There aren't many collabs. The few raps are by far the high points of this album so it's disappointing how Kanye "Life of Pablo" he went on most of this album.
Defining Track
'What's Good" is a song of venting; surprise, surprise; but it's good. The bass hits, the synths play, the weakest aspect is the message. This entire album seems kinda vague in the lyrics.
Final Thoughts
This album is not really hip hop, but it's not rnb. It's got a very mature, adult sound. He definitely seems to be appealing to intellectuals and sophisticated audiences that are underwhelmed with hip hop culture and sound. It would be nice to hear more rap and less altered, strained head-voice refrains. These are some of the best instrumentals he has ever created, but he really should consider making a collab album with Frank Ocean or Kali Uchis if he really wants to write melodic songs. The other aspects of his presentation like his performances, packaging, and connections will bring this album to life in the next Camp Flog Gnaw, but as an album you will be disappointed unless you listen to Tyler's music for the instrumentation.

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