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Scarlxrd is a rapper/screamer from Wolverhampton, United Kingdom. XXXTentacion pioneered hip hop with screamed breakdowns. Scarlxrd pushes it to the next level in every song on this album. His screamed vocals are slightly open-voiced like Oliver Sykes and are very reminiscent. He's not really the best rapper and it's not handled in a way that feels like hip hop culture. He has a couple nice flow patterns but without the breakdowns, it would be very mediocre. His presentation is fantastic. This release will definitely be remembered.
Defining Track
STFU is about being overwhelmed by critical opinions. It's upbeat; almost too upbeat. It feels like a party even though he's supposed to be angry. It's good, but it has a very narrow audience because they would need to be open-minded to rock and die-hard loyal to rap to get into it.
Final Thoughts
Scarlxrd is a very good artist. This album needs a little more variety and maybe a couple features but he's going to be very successful with his sound, look, and timing. Nice work, Scarlxrd.

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Scarlxrd - 0000.Infinity

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