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Nvdeem is a rapper from Dearborn, Michigan. Dearborn is very current straight forward hip hop. It's not revolutionary but it's solid skill-wise. Nvdeem has nice flows, interesting perspectives, and a few jokes. Dearborn is about his lifestyle. As a result, it's very raw. On the other hand, the imagery in the songs is so colorful, you almost feel like you're living the lifestyle with him. The instrumentals are good. The weakest part of this album is Nvdeem as a persona. He's very bland. In 2019, most rappers that make it are more interesting than the average rapper by image as well as sound.
Defining Track
"Dead Promises" features Bandgang Lonnie Bands. That's impressive because Lonnie is on the come up right now. It's a song that equates heart rate from partying to a heart health emotionally. It's creative and well-handled. It's also performance tempo.
Final Thoughts
Nvdeem is a good artist, but he needs a more interesting angle than "rapper from Dearborn". This is a solid introduction with a lot of promise, my only hope is that he lives up to it with his rap career.

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Nvdeem - Dearborn

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