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Denzel Curry has been rapping for a while. He was a XXL Freshman, he went viral wearing white face paint in a circus, and now he's rapping for his day ones. Denzel Curry is a talented lyricist. His punchlines are occasionally entertaining. He just seems like he's still finding himself. The suburban audiences weren't highly thrilled with the white face paint, but the hood hasn't really gravitated to him yet. With that said, Zuu is a solid album. I'm excited to see what he does in his sophomore album after he's been truly famous for a while because he has the skill, just not the focus.
Defining Track
Ricky is a song about remaining loyal to your hood. It's cool but it sounds like he's doing it because he feels obligated. He's also talking about not trusting girls which is a little generic, but maybe that's relatable.
Final Thoughts
Denzel Curry is so close. He needs 3% more intrigue; a little more demographic focus. He's got the talent, but this album isn't him. He'll get it right next time I'm sure because even this album is very well put together.

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Denzel Curry - Zuu

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