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Earl Sweatshirt is a rapper from Ladera Heights, California. He achieved fame from Odd Future's free Earl campaign. Pioneering tongue twisters while using assonance and alliteration like early Eminem; he's abandoned trying to impress his audience with his intelligence. This album is more about originality and laid back vibes. It takes a bit of an adjustment, but it's good in it's own way.
Defining Track
Nowhere2go is written like a piece of performance art. Like most of this album, it's more of a classy experience than a musical endeavor.
Final Thoughts
Earl is good, but this is not a reflection of how talented he is. He seems to be coasting on his name and trying to silence his criticizers from the last album. It's more simplistic and laid back, his delivery is harder, and the production is abstract and varied. Some Rap Songs feels as effortless as the title. He's still cool, but really technically proficient artists like Earl and Eminem tend to prioritize showing off lyricism rather than making songs that sound good.

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Earl Sweatshirt - Some Rap Songs

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