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J.I.D. is a rapper from Atlanta Georgia. It's hard to describe his rap style. His voice/delivery is like Kendrick Lamar but he uses more flow-switches and he bounces around his tracks. He isn't a conscious rapper but he has the technical prowess of one. It's impressive how he presents himself as a standard rapper but yet stands out with no gimmick. This is lyricism and rhythmic choices done so well he comes off more talented than a lot of seasoned rappers purely off of lyrics.
Defining Track
Off Deez is a collaboration with J Cole. It's impressive but even though J Cole claims no one is close to his skill level, J.I.D. nearly outshined him while very early into his career.
Final Thoughts
J.I.D.'s cool but his music isn't attracting serious hip hop aficionados or hipsters. He's got versatility but he hasn't resonating with a specific market. It may be because he's early in his career so he wants to find out who gravitates to him organically.

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J.I.D. - DiCaprio 2

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