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Sheck Wes is a rapper from Harlem, New York. Similar to Playboi Carti, he makes really hood music and then performs it like rock music. He's very intelligent but it's a raw, crude kind of street smarts that blends in. His instrumentals are mildly inventive and a lot of his songs are hit or miss but his attitude and confidence are what make this album relevant. Like the title "Mudboy" implies, he has a very solid sense of self. He talks about his explicit diction chosen to express his emotions and interestingly enough, his music is actually very cathartic. Crowds have a lot of fun with his writing style.
Defining Track
Mo Bamba is the premier track and it's great. He makes it clear that he isn't going to accept any unequal treatment. It performs well because it's written like one long hardcore breakdown.
Final Thoughts
Sheck Wes is a very strong person. His message is really just to overpower the world when it treats you poorly. He demands respect and from observing his performances or music videos, people usually give it to him. MUDBOY isn't perfect, but it's a good album.

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Sheck Wes - MUDBOY

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