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Danger Incorporated is a duo from Atlanta, Georgia. Danger Reality is a little less hip hop based than their other music but the writing is still very inspired by the culture. There's a lot of layered duo vocals and spacey production. This album would be great for driving a long distance or being sedated on some sort of substance. It's not breathtakingly original, but it's well put together. One side note is they're affiliated with Father's label which is funny because they have such a polarity in the target audience.
Defining Track
Superstars is about having a superstar attitude before the success. It's written like a hip hop song. The singing and rapping is fused and the song is pretty good.
Final Thoughts
Danger Incorporated is a nice change of pace. They could be really successful but they're a little hard to fit into hip hop or band culture at the moment. Danger Reality isn't even their best collection of songs now, and it seems like the hip hop aspect has been downplayed to catch more traction. Regardless, they are a refreshing team.

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Danger Incorporated - Danger Reality

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