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Lil Wayne is a rapper from Hollygrove, New Orleans. Tha Carter 3 was by far his most successful album and sent him into the stratosphere of mainstream hip hop. Lil Wayne pioneered using comedy and metaphors. Tha Carter 3 wasn't very polished and some felt it was making a mockery of hood culture. However Tha Carter 4 was less interesting because he was more serious and polished. Tha Carter 5 is somewhere in between serious talent and fun word play. Some of the biggest brands in music like Lil Wayne are getting rebranded in the changing internet landscape. This album was produced very well culturally. It features collabs with all of the highest profile indie rappers in the game.
Defining Track
Don't Cry is the starting track and features XXXTentacion. It's extremely good. It's so good that the rest of the album is a little underwhelming compared to it, but it just set the bar really high.
Final Thoughts
Lil Wayne has a stream of consciousness style that hides his punchlines a bit. Taking a break to laugh at some of his own jokes like he did in Tha Carter 3 would have been nice on occasion. This album has very little comedy and that's his strongest niche. All of his most memorable moments are comedic. The production on the Cater 3 was epic and motion picture sounding. These instrumentals are better than 4 but not better than 3. Lil Wayne is going to expose a new generation to real hip hop, and RapIndie is just glad to help him do it.

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Lil Wayne - Tha Carter V

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