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XXXTentacion is a rapper/singer from Plantation, Florida. He came basically out of nowhere and dominated the indie rap scene with "Look At Me". It was a fiery anthem that was the closes rap had ever came to a metal breakdown. As good as it was, it didn't show a lot of talent range. However, if you followed the rest of his music, you would see that he has a lot of versatility. 17 is by far some of the most emo and raw hip hop/rock available. His swag is a lot like his hair, he's very thug and skater at an almost 50% equilibrium.
Defining Track
Everybody Dies In Their Dreams is really catchy. His music sounds like death, but in a very soothing optimistic kind of way. He finds sincerity and meaning within the midst of tragedy.
Final Thoughts
XXX's young death is a tragedy for the indie rap legacy because he was so impressive in his debut releases that we'll never know what his experienced music would have sounded like. 17 isn't for everybody but it's emotional which is something that is always a nice change of pace in hip hop or indie rock even for that matter. R.I.P.

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XXXTentacion - 17

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