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Wu-Tang Clan is a hip hop group from New York City. In the 90's they helped develop the sound of rap music entirely. At the time, there weren't a variety of flow patterns and deliveries. The genre catered to a delivery that sort of bounced around. Everyone in the genre "hipped and hopped". The "Wu-Tang" name came from a martial arts film.
Defining Track
C.R.E.A.M. or "Cash rules everything around me" is a song about the struggle to achieve financial success from relative poverty. It has a very interestingly upbeat instrumental that helps balance out the intensity of the lyrics.
Final Thoughts
Wu-Tang's hip hop style has been improved sonically. However, the presentation and message is current even today. Instead of an indie rapper like Asap Twelvy wearing a sombrero, they made an analogy about asian culture. Sampled instrumentals haven't improved much since the 90's either.

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Wu-Tang Clan - 36 Chambers

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