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Playboi Carti is a rapper from Atlanta Georgia. He has had a very good year. Teaming up with Asap Rocky heavy has allowed his debut to be highly anticipated. As far as a genre, it's basically experimental trap music. If you hear the album and try to weigh his skills as a rapper, you have not understood it. His ignorance is the point and his presentation is highly thought-out. It feels a little like a Lil Uzi Vert album but it's less rock influenced. It's refreshing to see an artist get well received being so humble and low brow. Hipsters will say that an artist isn't truly rap but never take the time to listen to an artist they feel is; (Half activism).
Defining Track
New Choppa is a feature with Asap Rocky. Asap goes in. He's definitely been practicing since his hype has decreased with his last album. He's in the previous indie rap wave of artist and hasn't established himself in the mainstream arena. The song is very good and Asap is well complemented by Playboi association.
Final Thoughts
Playboi Carti is just a very cool person. Although he isn't reinventing the genre, just being anti-sophistication and well received by his audience is something I would like to see his haters try to pull off.

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Playboi Carti - Playboi Carti

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