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Drake is a rapper from Toronto Canada. He is one of the most successful artists in the game. It's well deserved. His lyrics are always solid, his hooks are always memorable, and his production is iconic. More life is better than many of his recent albums to combat Meek Mill's "not writing" attack. Drake has gone through a lot lately. The darker skinned writing album cover with blue writing is a very good summary of the vibe of the album. It's a little dark. The writing is good but it's almost too serious. Drake has two major strengths over most rappers musically. The first is he can paint really vivid relatable pictures. The second is he has very innovative delivery.
Defining Track
The song "Glow" with Kanye is one of the most forward thinking rap songs created in years. The collab album with Kanye falling through is a huge disappointment to everyone with hearing in this world. RapIndie loves Kanye West but while you're angry about a light skin rapper shining through politics, look at the complexion of your wife and kids. Drake's not lighter than Kim; grow up. However, if there's a deeper explanation and Drake wearing a Kanye mask doesn't accurately explain the situation; Kanye would benefit to explain it.
Final Thoughts
Drake was capturing the come up during Take Care. Now he's covering the dark side of fame and his lack of fulfillment and it's just not as enjoyable to listen to despite his talent. He needs to repair his love life because that was really his strongest subject matter. He isn't thug enough to rap about poverty and violence. There's a song on the album called teenage fever. Be careful Drake, you don't need more success and especially not that way.

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Drake - More Life

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