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The Underachievers consists of two rappers: Issa Dash and AK from Flatbush Avenue, New York. Although they have been moving within the turbulence of other New York hip hop acts, there is a distinct relevance in their presentation that makes them a lot more than a mere extension of current music trends. Neither rappers are lyrical champions. Rather, they are rhythmically charged and weave in and out of their beats with veteran proficiency. The heart of this album is the hypnotic production which tells half of The Underachiever's story. Indigoism is the belief in attaining an independent from higher power, talent-based consciousness, and becoming essentially... superhuman. Content wise, Indigoism is merely an exploration through this idea and a declaration of every thing that led them to it. However, the Underachievers are simply so heavily obsessed with this concept that every song revolves around explaining it.
Defining Track
Herb Shuttles is the most prominent release and features an instrumental so immensely trance-like that if there were no vocals over it, it would be slightly unsettling. The concept of the song is being sent into outer-space through marijuana usage. The represented demographic is the highly intelligent yet influence misguided teenagers clawing for meaning in obscure theories about the universe. Although, Herb Shuttles is a solid track, it's hardly memorable and there is better high-simulating music and more lyrically coherent songs that delve into higher thought.
Final Thoughts
The Beast Coast movement between Pro Era, The Underachievers, Flatbush Zombies, and Asap Rocky is a bizarrely loose collective that is more symbolic then it is purposeful. Indigoism has the energy of a rising movement and the originality necessary to stand apart from previous artists of similar purposes but long term, explaining and re-explaining the same concepts will get old fast. Really fast. They're talented but a bit too one dimensional.

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