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SpaceGhostPurrp is a rapper from Miami Florida who after gaining underground attention through a series of mix-tapes; began to take the contemporary hip hop movement to another level. First off, SpaceGhost is by no lengths of the imagination a rapper. He is a producer and a contemporary artist. If you're listening to this for lyricism, you don't understand the intent behind it. There are a lot of highly dramatic ideas being thrown around but none of them are backed up by even the smallest amount of lyrical technique. The largest innovation SpaceGhostPurrp brings to the forefront is symbolic repetition. However, all of that is blindingly insignificant when compared to his production which is surprisingly high quality and consistent to be so unpredictable.
Defining Track
Been Fweago is the anthem of Mysterious Phonk and does a phenomenal job of introducing SpaceGhostPurrp's music. The song has his iconic, spaciously focused production and humour laced, abstract lyricism present in full force. It's not necessarily an impressive song or even a memorable song, but its very different and feels refreshingly abstract despite the diversity of current hip hop music trends.
Final Thoughts
Mysterious Phonk has a melodic strength that gives it a replay value far beyond the quality of SpaceGhost's lyrical content. Additionally, there is this bizarre activism tone to several of his ethically void messages. SpaceGhostPurrp is not a rapper that produces, he's a phenomenal producer that learned english.

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