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Hopsin is a rapper from Los Angeles, California who has been considerably under-hyped due to his lack of willingness to follow industry trends or marketing rules. Although the premise of his music is insanity (comparable to Odd Future) his content is that of the poetic contrarian. It's not that he's negative or synical it's just that every single song he creates seems to explain his lack of satisfaction with everything. There seems to be an incredibly strong desire to change nearly everything. The release features Swizzz collaborations throughout and as far as flow, they're both highly straight-forward. Word play is at a minimum, punchlines are subtle, and Hopsin raps circles around Swizzz on every track. Production wise, the instrumentals are bass driven, synth laced, and equally as straight-forward as the lyricism. \The defining track of this release is "Leave Me Alone" and it articulates the same meaning within all of his songs; "I hate everything because its not what I want it to be." This song is driven by the instrumental and the passionate energy in the tone and lyricism. The psuedo-sung high pitched hook works well but his verses are simply to basic aesthetically to stand up to more simplistic rappers with more energy or with more complex lyricists that are more impressive. This song is merely created to be relatable and although it succeeds overall, no individual line reaches relevancy. Hopsin doesn't have enough variety in his content to make listening to him worth doing beyond a couple songs and Swizzz isn't talented enough to keep up with him. There is a large market of teenagers that discontentment will resonate with but there are simply too many artists that express discontentment to make that a legitimate reason to listen to Hopsin.

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