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School Boy Q is a rapper from South Central Los Angeles who has been met with comparatively lukewarm reception to his rivals; Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, and Danny Brown. However, don't believe the lack of hype. School Boy Q is an excellent rapper with star power musically that doesn't translate visually, (hints the constant fisherman hat). Although he is an incredibly consistent rapper lyrically, he is not a conscious rapper and not a word play comedian either. There is a sincerity in the timing of his deviations from standard pitch, and calm delivery, a well-timed almost choreographically perfect performance. School Boy Q has also adopted a rhythmic triad flow pattern similar to Kendrick Lamar.
Defining Track
"There He Go" is the perfect song to play in School Boy Q. He doesn't get a lot of attention, but he's there and often underrated. Although the beat has a highly emotional piano composition and the beat is lively, it's School Boy Q's natural charisma that makes the song succeed. The song is almost delivered like a joke but its only the control exerted here that makes such an over the top delivery produce such a respectable song.
Final Thoughts
School Boy Q created a soundtrack for wining in the background. His style is paradoxical in the sense that he strives for humour almost as much as intimidation. Sometimes he achieves both at the same time.  One final note about the album is that Asap Rocky's verse on "Hands on the wheel" was one of the most impressive things he's had ever done at the time. School Boy Q has an inspirational energy about him that makes his music cathartically uplifting.

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