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Kanye West has been under heavy fire lately. His "tell it like it is" attitude doesn't work in an elitist setting with an endless amount of hard to believe secrets. He's put off a lot of people with his rants. This album seems like an attempt to mend the situation. It's very good. "Ye" is the most progressive, creative, and interesting hip hop album since Kendrick Lamar's "Damn". It's very complex; so much so, that it requires a lot of focus to understand. I think the complexity is meant to offset the elitist appropriation of hip hop. He's bragging a lot less. The album cover art is a mix of a generic indie band and Earl Sweatshirt's "I don't like sh&t, I don't go outside." He speaks about Kim's loyalty and how devastated girls who had a shot with him should feel. There is surprisingly very little about money. In the past, Kanye has felt like the voice of hip hop. I have no idea who this album is speaking for.
Defining Tracks
Yikes is very good. It is the hardest rap song on the release. It's fun, consistent, and feels like the old Kanye. He put loud ad-libs over the choruses. Every line is charged with meaning.
Final Thoughts
Kanye West is an artist. When Kanye said slavery was a choice, he's speaking from a mentality and level of insight people can't comprehend. In his song on Yeezus, New Slaves, he warned the world about the D.E.A. teaming up with the C.C.A. in order to create infrastructure slavery. The people who argue with him, are not aware of Kanye-level politics. The biggest problem with "Ye" is Kanye is not a relatable person right now. It's still great music.

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