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Drake is a rapper from Toronto. Mixing Degrassi and Myspace fame gave him exposure but not respect. After he worked with Lil Wayne, his popularity became fame. He and The Weeknd nearly created a new genre on Take Care. However, he set the bar so high he wasn't able to keep it there without The Weeknd's lyric contributions. Lately, he's been trying to hold back his talent to give other artists a chance and not outshine the culture that made him. As a result, his work had become mediocre. Not in comparison to the bulk of the rap game but mediocre compared to how good he was even back on Myspace. With that said, Scorpion is great. He's flowing, he's singing, he's unloading, and he sounds like he's enjoying life more. The problem with this album is really the social marketing. Drake is universal but that holds him back from specializing his hold on a specific audience. Hipsters are not the market here. The hood could get into it, but it's not slang focused or trap-life friendly. The girls get a few love songs, but would they be excited about an album with so much rap?
Defining Track
God's plan is catchy. It's nice but it's nowhere near the quality of the rest of this album. Also, it's a different mood. The album is a little somber which is ok for Drake because that seems to be his writing style comfort zone.
Final Thoughts
Being hard on drake is easy, but haters just mean that other people are passionate about your music too. Scorpion is his best album since Take Care, and is the best album dropped this year. Good job Aubrey.

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Drake - Scorpion

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