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Vic Mensa is a rapper from Chicago Illinois. He's a part of Chance the Rapper's Save Money Camp. He's a solid lyricist and his hooks are pretty good. What's interesting about him is how intelligent he is to be so focused on poverty and oppression. He sounds a little like J Cole in his delivery. He's not trying to re-invent the wheel but he's talented enough to sell a standard formula.
Defining Track
Down For Some Ignorance is a really good song. It features Cheif Keef and Joey Purp which is a really combination. Joey Purp is heavily loyal to the suburbs and Cheif Keef is as gangster as they come. The hook is fantastic. The verses are fantastic. It's definitely worth listening to.
Final Thoughts
Straight forward hip hop is not bad. There are lots of bands that use a very simple style. The issue is it takes a lot more talent to make it without a logical draw. His punchlines are a little weak. He's not telling jokes and his lyrics are not remarkably clever. He's very good, but not great... yet.

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Vic Mensa - The Autobiography

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