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Tyler, The Creator is a rapper and producer from Ladera Heights California. Lil Wayne embraced rock and comedy, Wiz Khalifa targeted skaters with Taylor Gang, and Tyler came and created the first predominantly suburban hip hop audience. For that reason, he's basically like the Tupac of suburban rap. What people have to understand about the "golf" context is, they are without a doubt some of the most mercenary artists in the game. They will stoop to any low or embrace any high for money. However, that's a part of not caring which they are all about. Goblin (his widespread debut) was very demonic themed. Cherry Bomb (his last album) was suburban credit recovery. This album has a little of both. It's got a jazz sound and there are no pitch-altered vocals, but it's a little down beat. These aren't skater montage songs, they're more like get high or fit into upper class sophistication songs, so they're not for everyone.
Defining Track
"Who Dat Boy" is the single and it's got a nice build-up introduction for live performances. The main concept of the song is to satire the ignorance of the people not young or intelligent enough to respect him for his talent. He's using rural slang instead of hood slang which is very clever.
Final Thoughts
This album has some high points, a fantastic piano solo, some introspective thoughts on the emptiness of solitary fame, and some social success wisdom; but it's not breathtakingly impressive sonically. There are better lyricists, and there are genres that handle relaxing/sophisticated music better than hip hop can. However, as an artist overall, he has very little competition.

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Tyler, The Creator - Scum F**K Flower Boy

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