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D. Jones is a rapper from Philadelphia. He is a good rapper. His style is very generic, but it's impressive. He's the sort of rapper that needs a better cosign to really shine. If he were on a larger label, there would be a floodgate of people proud to support him. That's the issue with being a hood focused rapper; there's a lot more competition and the audience isn't working hard to find less prevalent acts. D. Jones has a old school gangsta voice and he's very passionate about classic hip hop culture.
Defining Track
Yoda is a song about wisdom and success. He's giving a lot of colorful images and has a few punchline jokes. It's got a nice beat but the name Yoda is a little random.
Final Thoughts
D. Jones is better than Rick Ross and has a philanthropic message like Kodak Black. He's as hood as Migos, but has better bars. His weakness is having a very bland persona. If I told you he's a rapper, you could basically close your eyes and envision him in detail.

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D. Jones - Loudelphia II

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