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XXXTentacion - Revenge

XXXTentacion is a rapper from Plantation, Florida. This album is definitely not for everyone. It's good, but it's arguably terrible. This is hip hop with the spirit of very heavy metal. Hip hop artists may be looking for something more traditional. Metal fans aren't usually that receptive to hip hop artists. It's a gamble but so was Drake including singing. This album is designed to be performed live, and XXX has a very polished live show.
Defining Track
"Look At Me" is the single. It's almost so angry that it inverses into vulnerability. There's a line where he threatens someone if they kill one of his friends. It's produced really well. The song uses breakdown pacing with hip hop drums.
Final Thoughts
This is the kind of release that should be changing society but doesn't because it gets over-looked by people that don't understand what they're listening to. This level of experimentation is what RapIndie was created to protect.

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XXXTentacion - Revenge

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