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6lack is an rnb/trap artist from Atlanta Georgia. He is a very interesting person. He looks like the frontman of a scene band. However, he's very current. He sings a little like Bryson Tiller but his production is a lot like early Drake. He's also a pretty solid rapper. The issue with this album is it's not hard enough to be thug or skate mosh pitting, but it's not all that romance inviting to compete with rnb. It's really good kush music and it's very dark which works well for the audience he has.
Defining Track
PRBLMS is the single track. It's a good representation of his style. He raps with a very Drake inspired flow pattern. The song showcases how connected and cool he is but the song is a little scattered.
Final Thoughts
6lack is cool. He's very trend conscious. However, as an artist his music isn't really impressive. Imagine someone else trying to sell the same song with less style. If he improves over time, he could be highly successful.

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