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Madeintyo is a rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. Although he isn't a conscious rapper, he isn't a trap artist either. It's somewhere in between kush pop and rnb-hop. It's slightly abstracted but not enough to be labeled experimental. It's also very chill-wave and ambient sounding. He sing's shamelessly close to Drake's style. The nice thing about Madeintyo is his presentation is fantastic.
Defining Track
You is about an exclusive relationship. It isn't that deep, but it's handled well.
Final Thoughts
Madeintyo handles his image better than his actual music. This Ep is too close to Drakes style without improving it in any way. Hybrid artists that humanize the hood but have subliminal depth are gaining traction but they're a little boring.

Rap Independent
Madeintyo & 24Hrs - 24Hrs in Tokyo

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