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Nipsey Hussle is a rapper from Los Angeles California. He's a very basic rapper. He doesn't use pop level punchlines. His voice has a breathy-rasp quality. The issue with this album is the fact that too much of it's appeal is being authentically from the hood. Artists like Gucci Mane or Chief Keef have a very extreme and sinister presentation. Nipsey is a bit too soft to sell hood music without artistry.
Defining Track
County Jail is a song about going to prison. He paints the picture of his past. For some reason, he plays up fatherhood and religion. It's just awkward to make a song about prison and spend so much of it trying to convey being a good person rather than an edgy one.
Final Thoughts
This album is exactly what's wrong with the current hip hop game. It's lazy writing, bland production; Being from the hood does not make you incapable of making compelling music. Being hood doesn't automatically deserve respect either. This album is boring, uninspired, and there are much better songs written with simpler words.

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Nipsey Hussle - Famous Lies And Unpopular Truths

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