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Danny Brown is an indie rapper from Detroit Michigan. The success of "XXX" made him abandon his "Hybrid" mixtape style for a voice transitioning flow in his following releases. With that said, Atrocity Exhibition revisits some of his earlier deliveries. There's a surprising amount of guitar. It's integrated well but depending on how well the album is received, the effort may be overlooked. The nice part is that it makes the album feel very cutting edge.
Defining Track
The song "Really Doe" is a collab with Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul, and Earl Sweatshirt. The line up is hard hitting, but it capsulizes a moment where conscious rap wasn't resented. All of these rappers are maintaining hype from a previous trend and haven't made many current waves in their genre. That's important because the concept of the song is people challenging how relevant they are. Earl Sweatshirt usually goes harder but he's trying to act hard (or more adult) and simplify his flow. It's as awkward as 50 cent trying to spit a tongue twister.
Final Thoughts
The title Atrocity Exhibition really takes the museum concept into an interesting, sarcastic spin off place. The energy of the album is nice. It's not looking for a massive audience like Kendrick and Asap Rocky did with their albums. It's made for the crowd that made him famous and it sounds like something they would like.

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Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition

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