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Kodak Black is a rapper from Pompano Beach, Florida. Although his style is simple, he has a lot of personality. His presentation has a little more finesse than his competition. The album isn't full of empty trap music. He talks about struggling in the hood in a non boastful way. It isn't really christianity focused but God is brought up in a respectful way. Kodak Black is doing old fashioned hip hop with the energy and vibrance of the young more abstract rappers.
Defining Track
There's a song called "Young Prodigy" He begins slightly off beat, but for some reason it works. He has a very conscious approach to his hood descriptive music and it's a nice mix.
Final Thoughts
Kodak Black is a good rapper but has more persona depth than his competition. His longevity will probably be decided by how impressive his sophomore release is but this is a good start.

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Kodak Black - Lil B.I.G. Pac

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