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Joey Purp is a conscious rapper from Chicago. He's part of Chance the Rapper's "Savemoney"camp. His voice sounds a little like French Montana, his flow is like Joey Badass, and his content is like Casey Veggies. The instrumentals are nice and filled with live instruments. The pacing of the album is a little slow but his presentation makes up for it. It's very current, it's just a little irrelevant compared to some of the other cross-cultural albums. However, there are a lot of good features on it.
Defining Track
"When I'm Gone" is a good song. The hook is soulful, the beat is montage ready, and the lyrics are charged. The issue is, the topic is somewhat basic.
Final Thoughts
Joey Purp has some good songs and it's nice to see an artist slip through the cracks created by politics. If he finds some less bland subject matters, or exaggerates his style a little more, he could be very successful by his next release.

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Joey Purp - iiiDrops

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