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Drake is a rapper who after an acting career, and a long span of underground rapping, teamed up with Lil Wayne and began a highly well-received rap career. After a lot of music exploration, there was a moment where Drake found a niche half-rap/half-sung style that changed hip hop ever since. However, nothing has been the same. The biggest change is that the instrumentals are a lot heavier. Instead of serenading, most of the tracks are venting and bragging. There are some interesting subject matters, but it's a straight forward hip hop album. Drake's flow patterns and deliveries are entertaining, but the songs just don't have the same energy and lasting appeal OVO's known for.
Defining Track
Started from the Bottom was the first single off of the album. It's a trap instrumental with a more positive message. Drake's left Headline's pre-chorus's behind and started using chants. The Song is up-beat and arguably simple. However, each line states an idea and then explains it in the next line. Towards the end of the song he says, "We don't like to do too much explaining, stories stay the same through the money and the fame."
Final Thoughts
This album seems more like a contribution to his image than his discography. Drake's a talented rapper but he seemed to be in character on a lot of these songs. Sincerity is what gave Take Care its long term impact. Also, there was too much indifference through out. Nothing was the same.

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