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Big Sean is a hip hop artist from Detroit, Michigan who through a serious of Finally Famous mix-tapes and extensive help from Mr. West, finally became famous. Naturally, the title plays in the same progression Big Sean has made musically. The first, most prominent change is that the production is abstract and engaging enough to give straight forward messages a slightly more interesting angle. The flow pattern is mixed in with contemporary breakdowns and echoed lyrics. There's a colorful array of collaborations. "You don't know" even features a sample from Ellie Goulding.
Defining Track
"Fire" is the most prominent single and features a very full instrumental carried by heavy samples. Big Sean's lyrics are once again explaining the fact that he's a successful rapper. However, the energy of his lyricism complements the beat well enough to make up for it's simplicity.
Final Thoughts
Big Sean aims for relate-ability over depth. There is a liveliness to the entire album that completely drives it. Big Sean is somewhat limited artistically and needs to diversify his subject matter and lyricism. The album is carried by production value and personality.

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