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Now I know what you're thinking.. But before you argue that indie hip hop has had a long established history, think about this, there are several bands with millions of fans worldwide that never make it to television. Where as within the waters of hip hop, even the slightest amount of fame sends the most obscene acts in hip hop to super stardom. Hip hop has previously had absolutely no underground presence or support. Odd Future is the first of many acts in hip hop to attain the ability to fill venues with screaming fans without any mainstream support. This of course, has led to Tyler and his "compadres" becoming the mold of what it takes to achieve an independent hip hop presence. The clothing line, "Supreme" has become the premier supplier to every successful indie hip hop act to emerge between 2011 and 2012 and no one can deny the unbelievably sky rocketing amount of shock value that commenced after their success. But what makes them so successful where so many hip hop acts have failed? That's something you could have a blast discussing with one of their many eerily obsessive fans.

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