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Kendrick Lamar is a talented conscious rapper from Compton California whose largest contribution to Hip Hop is an extremely innovative flow pattern. He has proven himself time and time again as one of the most consistently poetic rappers and it only stands to reason that "G.O.O.D. kid M.A.A.D. City" was easily one of the most serious hip hop albums of 2012. Kendrick enters the market of pseudo singing while maintaining his off-beat presentation. There are two prevalent topics this album covers: Gang Violence (M.A.A.D. City), and Religion (G.O.O.D. Kid). Likewise, his stance on these subjects puts him in the role of activist. Kendrick even goes as far as to add disclaimers stating that he isn't endorsing any of the crimes his verses talk about.
Defining Track
Swimming pools is the premier track of the album and plays in the tone. Although it's by far the most melodically charged track, it refuses to spare content to be more enjoyable. The beginning builds up the prologue and enters an explosively powerful chorus about the temptation of alcohol. This focus on pre-emptive decision making is slightly reminiscent of J-Cole's writing style. However, Swimming Pools is a highly innovative hybrid between widespread appeal and substance driven music.
Final Thoughts
Kendrick Lamar is a phenomenal rapper with a highly iconic flow pattern but his appeal is limited to a select demographic. Although his flow pattern and messages are dynamic, his lyricism simply doesn't translate with the same impact. The album is very good, but it doesn't have the appeal necessary to say more than that.

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