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Evolution is a very competitive and sociopathic ideology. That's why lowering the bar instead of removing the premise is a serious blunder. Bring back religion.

If people don't value people, the safest remedy is integration not concealment. Equity and dependence matter universally even when lives don't.

Ethics is an afterthought to most, which is strange because it's the only thing that people care about when tragedy strikes. Jokes are thought to be safer, mean behavior is thought to be safer. However, innocence is all anyone stands on to defend you.

Appearance is great, intelligence is great, winning is great, talent is great, but the balance is asking for special treatment while rationalizing it in some way. An important note is that special treatment can rationalize special treatment: People value rare people as much as they sometimes resent them. 

Attitude is everything, and complaining offsets the jealousy by reminding people that no one's life is perfect.

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