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Ok. RapIndie? Really? Initially we were going to overlook this shocking, unsettling piece of art, but while contemplating how to maintain safety in these unprecedented times, I realized this album angle is perfect for that. "Talking" is a song on this album about dealing with threats where he allowed his daughter to assert her ability to protect herself. This album begins with a sad instrumental which is really surprising with this art. Kanye is usually good at making albums that reflect culture at the time, he's also good at making good music out of his blunders; this album doesn't have a logical market. Kanye is becoming too eccentric to relate to anyone, but he's still a musical genius that can captivate with music no one agrees with. Kanye has been through a lot of losses and he seems a little lost, we hope he finds the happiness and emotional stability he had in the early days of his career.

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