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RapIndie is most successful as a bridge of unity. This means dwelling on the details that postpone full acceptance and inclusion. Although that is important, RapIndie is also most successful when the music is resonating. As a fan of difficulty and originality, it can be easy to crave the mainstream-friendly, artistic albums that created us. However, the new artists have difficulty; it's just in a different aspect.

The gate keepers of hip hop have amplified the urban dialect. That gives artists like Lil Baby or Gunna extra hype. However, what I didn't notice was the "subject matter" gate keeping. By streamlining drill music; authenticity comes just as much from what you live/pretend to live as it does what you say. That may be an encouragement to take action. However, by connecting a lifestyle to the genre, it vastly weakens the legitimacy of softer artists that haven't been "in the field".

The strange thing is platforms who streamline aggressive music simultaneously discourage it... So we're watching... carefully.

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