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Lyrical Lemonade is a music production website that focuses on modern and universal hip hop. Lyrical Lemonade has created some of the best rap music videos in recent years. This album is perfect for audiences that may be a little sensitive to hip hop music. These are really good songs, but they may be a little soft for rap aficionados. "All Is Yellow" is good, but not great considering the DJ Khaled reminiscent amount of features. There are some really interesting collaborations that Lyrical Lemonade magically put together. This is a good introduction to the culture. Lyrical Lemonade has produced some rappers' most universal moments, but this album doesn't reflect that. Aside from fantastic instrumentals and presentation, it's a little underwhelming at times. Despite that, this piece may be the start of the next generation of XXL, We The Best, etc.

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