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Teezo Touchdown is a rapper, singer, and producer from Texas that gained notoriety from touring with Tyler, The Creator and Travis Scott. What does he sound like? A mix... a mix of cultures, a mix of genres, and a mix of messages. Although his music is uplifting and positive, it's loosely pushed towards a radical audience. In Tyler's Camp Flog Gnaw carnival, Teezo displayed a performance talent that was eons more impressive than on his Amazon debut. His songs perform extremely well, but listening to them on their own, they don't seem to represent any specific demographic well-enough. Teezo is finding himself, but his progression is really looking promising. Teezo's charisma and sense of humor make him stand out, but as far as bars? or pipes? He's refreshingly original. I hope Teezo keeps making music because there's some genuine talent there, but with a little more focus on a demographic and a little more impressive of a soundtrack, he could really compete with the other indie rappers.

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