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Drake is one of the most accomplished rappers in the world. He rivals Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne; any of the titans of the genre culturally. He adapts to every new artist's style, he conforms to every trend within the culture, and his lasting appeal in the industry is unmatched. With all that said, "For All The Dogs" is a decent album. He has his OVO style production; which is nice to hear, but his lyrics are not emotionally vulnerable. The powerful cultural message of the drawing on the cover would have made an excellent topic: "what we teach children about humanity". Drake's lyricism is consistent, his vocals are consistent, but if we weighed these songs against the rest of his own music, these wouldn't be his best. Drake has done a wonderful job of making an album that helps hip hop culture (and we need that right now). Drake doesn't need to drop his best music to outdo a lot of the artists in the genre.

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