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2023 has been a rough year for music as a whole. There are five things that I believe have been crucial mistakes in the past.

Unfair Expectation

Freedom Trust

Surface Ethics

Make or Break Issues

Earning Special Treatment

1. Unfair Expectation

    The bar for genetic clout is higher for people viewed as equals. However, the bar for accepted rap, is higher because of negative cultural appropriation.

2. Freedom Trust

    Being allowed to be your own artist requires an amount of trust that needs to be earned through a lot of screening.

3. Surface Ethics

    Although being good is nice, it's not enough. Most artists can't make music that is logically and consistently solid on a surface level.

4. Make or Break Issues (plumbing)

    Most people are not astute enough to address every single problem that is brought to their attention, but every problem is everything.

5. Earning Special Treatment

     This is probably the most important. People resent special treatment. They will either say "they're not so great" or "they're raising the bar". That's why earning special treatment is an ever evolving, soul searching, journey that needs a general consensus.

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