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 Recently California-based duo THE BRÖTHEL released their new self-titled debut album Bröthel. Composed of Camden Premø and JohnBørn, the duo's performance-based art and hypersexual live show have now morphed into a full-length album of epic proportions that is three years in the making. 

According to JohnBørn, B.R.O.T.H.E.L. is an acronym for (Beautiful. Relationship. Occasionally. Transferring. His and Her. Energy with Love).   JohnBorn hopes that the deeper meaning causes listeners to think one step further than their initial reaction when seeing the naked ladies painted.

”I came up with that acronym because everyone is going to hear Brothel and think oh these guys just go pay for pussy all day, but no that’s not the case. You’ve got to explore the content to even get past that. It's way deeper than just slutty music.”

“The album is called The Brothel," Camden Premo explained.  "John is a paint picture kind of artist and I’m a Hip-Hop artist. I heard how dope his shit was and pushed him to go full force with it.  I got a bunch of music too, so combined we are just ready to let all that shit go.”

Connected through music but friends forever Camden Premo and JohnBørn share close birthdays and are connected musically as their influences are sonically from the same 80's record vault.

We have the June 5th and June 10th birthdays and we never really had one argument,” Camden Premo explained. “John is a Prince fanatic, you can hear the influence in the music. I’m a Michael Jackson fan, John likes Mike but I’m influenced like 60% by Michael Jackson, 40% Prince. We idolize the 80’s and early 90’s -  the music today is trash, so we just try to bring back the vibes and we just talk about pleasuring women and partying and having a good time. Partying and fucking that’s all we care about.”

"I’m not into the Zodiac stuff like that but we both have birthdays in early June and it's weird but we might be in a similar mood or we might be going through something with a girl in a similar way so we will just go put that in a song. When you hear the song you will hear real life situations that we have lived through."

Pushing their live show and performance skills to new levels THE BRÖTHEL pride themselves on giving the fans a one-of-a-kind performance.

“We really want our music to have that nostalgic feel to it, just to give it that sound. We really combined R&B and Hip-Hop. We have songs where we are really singing their heart out,” Camden Premo, said.  "Our live show is different. Imagine you're just chillin the lights are off smoke everywhere with purple lights and just rays of light popping through the stage. Then we bring out wonderful naked beautiful women while John is painting and then John sings to them and then they become part of the show and they are props in our whole theatrical vision. We got our own mics, we got our own mic stands, you might catch me doing a James Brown split, and John might be hanging off the stage, it’s wild."

Focusing on their lifestyle and really living the music, Camden Premo and JohnBorn consider themselves Rock Stars of a new era. 

“I think being a rock star kind of has nothing to do with the music. A rockstar is just a lifestyle - with me I’m a real rockstar. I ride around in a limo, I party, I got girls around all the time," Premo said.

"You could look at us two ways. You can look at it like some slutty shit, in which in some ways yea, we got some slut to us. Yea we got a lil bit of slut in us, I can’t deny that. But we had to actually dig deep into ourselves, to find out how to do these things right. How do we make these things translate to the people?" JohnBørn concluded.

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