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In trying to figure out what went right when so much went wrong, you have to emphasize what was different. 

1. The biggest difference is lifestyle transparency. Even though people may not thank you for trying to be a hero, not only does it prepare people to consciously plan for ONE exception, it helps pacify people that feel like they had been tricked. Whether or not this is a reason, it was never duplicated.

2. The second issue is importance/utility. Jokes and magic tricks may lighten the mood, but they aren't valuable. We don't just show off intellectual potential, we make useful content and challenge the rationalization of exclusion/harm. It's not just a bag of chips, it's a relationship with isolated leaders, it's a feel good interruption from negative content, and most of all, it's a fun thing to be a part of.

3. If you were going to build a clubhouse, collect your favorite people, or move humanity forward, you would choose the coolest people every time. It's hard to pride yourself on your superiority and ignore when it is legitimately challenged. Sometimes the sincerity of an ego can create a peculiar inconsistency in the selection process.

4. Context is very important. If someone says your facial features are unattractive, you get a free pass to take as many selfies as you want. If someone says your complexion predisposes you to be ignorant, you can flex intellectually to your heart's content. If you are being visibly bullied, you can be unpleasant. Everyone has to make content relative to their own appropriation so imitation alone isn't wise.

5. Being consistently impressive is necessary when you get consistently assessed. Believe it or not, one bad day for us is a problem after a decade of content. Being impressive long term requires constant growth and productivity. It means you need to be able to pace yourself and be prolific.

6. People focus on intelligence as the main filter, but ethics is the main filter. Don't underestimate the significance of unanimous ethical approval.

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