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Recently, Tyler, the Creator did a performance stream on Amazon. It's been a pretty slow year for hip hop and I know first hand how hard it is to get constructive feedback in a very salty, uninformed world.

Tyler has a lot of mechanical issues with his music right now. 

He's an indie artist that was so explicit, his initial fanbase was drawn to the humor of him being successful while being so obscene. He's got the popularity of a pop artist but the swag of a hipster (and hipster culture is over). Tyler sings, dances, and raps, but his branding and colorful persona were the focal point of Odd Future. 

His clean music is bland and never would have made him famous, but his explicit music isn't a good fit for his new, more casual audience.

Tyler has been so radical, that his audience didn't need to accept his culture. And while that's nice for initial success; in the long term, it invites a lot of on the fence haters to tolerate him instead of truly support him. Tyler, if you read this; keep making music. Keep performing. Being hated on is irrelevant when you're the furthest one out. Unify the intellectuals with your tours and let the haters keep buying tickets for whatever sabotage delusion they may have.

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