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Today H-Town artist Jimmy Bolt delivers the visual to his lively new track "YEX."  Making a play on the word "sex" Jimmy has fun with his crew while "yexy" women bounce around a yacht and turn out a vacation in the tropics. Featuring "YEX" merchandise throughout, Jimmy Bolt proves why the spotlight is on him as he makes a run for next up in Houston's competitive rap scene. 

"Yex is going crazy - it all started when my friends and I were joking around and started a dictionary of Y words. So like sex, we said change the sex to yex. So we just branded everything, we got the shirts, the hats, the socks and the condoms. I always have some bad females around me so it's just a vibe. The yock star vibe, the girls, the cars, the money. Yock star lifestyle, might not make it," he joked.

In the music video Jimmy Bolt lives up to his name as his electric personality and non-stop energy fly off the screen. One look at this video and it's clear this 3rd Coast artist draws energy the music pulsating through his veins.

"For one, I draw energy from life and my passion and love for music itself, so I always try to translate that love to the songs and to the records. Lighting bolts and bolts that's just that whole vibe, and it's what fuels me to turn up as an artist," Jimmy Bolt explained.  "But secondly my family, my pops, they are the ones that fully give me just that energy to keep going. Truthfully that's why I have that get up and go get it mentality everyday - I stay ready. You never have to get ready if you always stay ready." 

Originally the visual started off as a behind the scenes vlog, but the episode became so epic during the filming Jimmy decided to turn the footage into an actual video. While the visual looks like it's all fun and games, at one point during filming things got so crazy Jimmy Bolt had to keep the peace between dueling ladies fighting for camera time. Needless to say viewers are in for a mini royal rumble cat fight that takes this visual to new levels. And, although things got crazy in the tropics, no video vixens were harmed during the filming of this raucous music video.

"A few females had got into a little argument and the one girl just walked up to the other and hit her. I was like, 'Hell naw' because they were both bad, but I was like, 'Yall ladies not gonna be fighting here!' So I tried to break it up but one of them girls was strong as hell. They broke my Chrome Hearts frames, my glasses, I was pissed, things got crazy!"

Raised in a musical family, Jimmy Bolt is a natural when it comes to creating and visualizing the feel to his music and the industry has taken notice after his collaborations with Lil Keed, SSG Splurge and co-signs from OG Louie the XIII, Rubi Rose, Gunna, Lil Baby, Trippie Redd and more. 

"Music was just something that I was always around and heard. My pops was in music, he was a band instructor, so I always heard all types of music from Jazz to Pop, to Rap to Rock. So I've always been around it and had an ear for it. Around four or five years ago I just started doing it, so it went up from there"

Coupled with a physique that includes a crazy workout each day, Jimmy Bolt has the music and look to back his growing fan base that's spread outward from Houston and to the surrounding areas. 

"We call our fans the Yang - not the gang - but Yang. It's a whole fan club and the whole lit crowd of people that are always gonna tee-up and wear the merch and just catch the full vibe," Jimmy Bolt said. "Get ready Yang, this is our year, we gonna drop this crazy shit and show y'all something that you've never seen before. Real life yock star ish, on Yod."

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