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Proving that Milwaukee, Wisconsin is way more than beer, cheese and the Green Bay Packers, versatile rapper Looney Babie delivers his new single “Drill” featuring recently slain Chicago rapper and OTF member King Von.
While the preparation for his “Drill” single featuring King Von has been months in the making with music videos and more, nothing could have prepared Looney Babie for the untimely murder of King Von last week. In honor of his slain OTF friend and fellow Midwest rapper, Looney Babie decided to push forward with the release of “Drill” to give King Von fans something positive during these trying times.
“Von was a smooth dude both times I met him. We both street ni**as, we both beat homicide cases so this Drill song was perfect for us. It’s f*cked up how things went and I send my condolences to his family and friends, but I hope this song brings some light to his family and fans. King Von went crazy on that one!” Looney Babie said.
“I ain’t gonna lie this is one of my best mixtapes and its hosted by Drumma Boy who did all the sh*t with T.I., Jeezy and everyone else. I got beats from him on there, we got a couple of hits. I’m trying to get Rod Wave and Chief Keef on there but I got Peezy from Detroit part of Team Eastside, TEC from Baton Rouge, King Von. In my city it’s hard to make it out of here and it’s all about who you know and what your budget is. Rico Love, K-Camp are from here but most people don’t know that.”
While people are familiar with all of the violence and crime in Chicago, Looney Babie is telling stories that show that Milwaukee is far from the sleepy Midwest town that people imagine it to be.
“Chicago is like 4 times bigger than Milwaukee, but our city is just the same, it’s just little. We’re just two hours apart so it’s a mini-Chicago. When niggas get ran out of Chicago they come up there. If they don’t know nobody over here they think it’s a white lil hick town, but they soon realize, this ain’t that,” Looney Babie said. “When I used to go to other cities, they would say there ain’t no Black people up here but it’s def not what people think.”
Escaping incarceration after beating a homicide charge in 2012, Looney Babie earned his name after gaining a reputation in jail for fighting and going crazy after finding out his mother died just 12 days before his birthday. He soon became known in his town for beating a murder charge and going “looney” while in county jail for two years.
“I was just in there going crazy, a lot of fighting and stuff like that. One day I called home and told them they had named me that in jail and so it stuck and it was my name from then on,” Looney Babie said. “Right now I don’t like this shit though, from the police to the streets. I’m most definitely living all this, I spent two years in the county jail, but that shit gave me high blood pressure and I almost died in there. I spit my life on these tracks, I got a lot of shit coming, I recorded over 1000 songs so I’m just mixing them in and picking the best songs. You gonna see my growth in my music with everything that’s coming out, it’s all about me and my life or what I’ve seen my niggas go through. I’m just gonna spit my life and you either gonna like it or not.”

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