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I think there is still a hunger for good music. Recently there has been a shift towards ethnic focused presentation to coincide with the politics in modern life. The problem is ethnic focused presentation is redundant and doesn't open people's mind enough. It normalizes the culture by making it familiar, teaches respect, it may even preserve self-esteem, but it's too easy. Lil Wayne's witty word play, Drake's singing, Kanye's production, and Odd future's tongue-twisters and intelligent lyricism were massive steps forward. The new school rappers are all at the same level of hype, and all at the same level of difficulty too. That may be the ghost writing. It may be guilt connected to lifestyle. It may just be the lack of formal help randomizing the spread of attention to reflect average trapper salary. Whatever the reason, giving up on hip hop to pursue other genres isn't necessary. Explore rap and take it somewhere new before you give up on it especially if it's the genre that sparked your career. There is a market for it, they are just bored.

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