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Jay Electronica is a rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana. The first thing that stands out about this album is the phenomenal and consistent production. His bars are complex but not while using rare superfluous diction. Jay is a lyricist with a spoken word style but none of his bars are prolific. Jay Z raps a lot on this album and it creates a Watch The Throne nostalgia that is tolerable because it's done well. All of the beats evoke a lot of emotion which is highly refreshing due to the dispassionate landscape of modern hip hop.
Defining Track
Flux Capacitor is an upbeat song where Jay Z stirs up some drama by calling the old "Ye" sweet. The rap is good, the beat is good, and it's abstracted enough to compliment any hipster's playlist.
Final Thoughts
A Written Testimony is well-timed and well-executed. The album cover with tree reflections in the water is mind-blowingly clever. Jay Electronica's in his prime on this release. This album is a reminder of just how cultured and innovative hip hop music can be at its best.

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